Getting the weight off

This blog is not meant to support self harm, it is just my way of recording my weight loss.
SW: 170 CW: 128.0 GW: 140 UGW: 120 Height: 5'5.5''
Yesterday’s intake

Yesterday’s intake

Off the wagon

So my last post boasted on how I had lost so much and was doing well…

Since then I have gained almost 20lbs :( I currently weigh 137.4. What a back step!!! And my waist is 27.5 inches.

So yesterday I started restricting again and am also going low carb. This morning I started boot camp classes at my boyfriend’s crossfit gym.

I literally hate looking at myself right now. I’m such a fat blob. Blogging helped me stay on track last year so I’m going to try it again.


So guys I’ve been way super busy with grad school and haven’t been on here much. I currently weigh 119lbs, so I have definitely lost since my last update.

My current measurements are 34-24-34.5 and I am wearing size 0’s in women’s and like 1/2 in juniors.

I have never felt so tiny and yet so fat in my life 0_0 it’s strange. Like, I am still trying to lose yet I am afraid I am going to lose so much all the clothes are going to be too big for me and that sucks too. But like…I’m definitely NOT a rail. What do skinny girls wear???!!!

Well anyways. I don’t even feel like I’ve been trying. I just never have time to eat anymore.

Little update

Well I’ve been suffering from bacterial pink eye and general not feeling well. I’ve lost all my cruise weight and am currently at 125lbs and losing at an okay rate (my usual 2-3lbs a week). Haven’t had any appetite so my intake has been 300cals or less a day so I may lose even more this week if that keeps up.

Maybe I’ll be at my first UGW of 120lbs by the end of the month????!!!!


So after I dropped all the water weight I only actually gained 2lbs on my cruise, and some of that may still be due to period weight as I’m currently on my period.

Well anyways. To try to get back on track yesterday all I ate was a hand full of kale chips. Today I’ve only had a peach and I’m torn between a salad or soup (100cals) for dinner. Probably going to take a nap and then decide later.

I have to get down to 120 before I go I my big clothes shopping spree in a month.


Gained so much weight on vacation! I don’t even know how! It’s not like I pigged out or anything!

I’m so upset. And mad. Ugh.


Those are the numbers I saw on the scale this morning.

Well, I guess that is my update on that plateau I was talking about in my last post…

I’m in the 120’s…now…to lose 10 more lbs….

Weigh In

Hey everyone! I know I am kind of becoming more of a tumblr creeper than a poster. Well anyways. I weigh 130.4lbs today. So close to being in the 120s! I am kind of plateauing which sucks, I need to find a way to get over that :/ might take some adderal to get my metabolism boosted a little bit and to also help me focus on all this laundry I am trying to do!

I have been trying to strength train to tone up. To be completely honest I think I look like a beached whale in a bikini and the thought of going on this cruise in two weeks in literally torturing me. I just have NO ENERGY from having my seizure meds upped though. Sure, they shot my appetite which is helping me restrict…but the energy trade off…IDK. It sucks that I am probably consuming less than 1000kcals a week and I maybe and losing 2 lbs a week. WTF? I feel like it should be more than that :( Especially since I do walk a lot to and from work.

Well anyways…that was my update…

thin--prince asked: I know what you mean...I'm looking around for phentermine but its fucking expensive and IDK who to ask on tumblr tbh

My best friend currently goes to a diet clinic and they will give her phentermine if she asks, it just doesn’t help her much. My current strategy is to get her to get me some XD

happymarlboros asked: hey how are you? :) I found your blog and I noticed that we have really similar stats!!

I’m great! Awesome :) I will follow you for sure. It’s always nice to find someone with similar stats.